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Because sometimes momma just grabs the camera and captures the attitude.2016-04-19_0002.jpg

Max is ONE! | St. Louis Family Photographer | Eureka, MO

I cannot believe this guy is one already! Wasn’t I just shooting his maternity session not that long ago? Time flies so fast these days!   I went a little overboard in posting pictures to the blog…but I know nobody will mind! Who could resist this face?

Brennan 6 Months Old | Emery 3 Years Old | Personal

Emery turning three is still so hard for me to believe.  I still say that she JUST turned three…because, I feel like there is no way we have a three year old!  We do though and we are so proud of this little three year old!  She brings so much to our lives and makes every day so much more fun.  Her favorite things are dancing, crafts and music!  She also loves dressing up and playing outside.  Now that she turned three she wants to do everything by herself, which makes mornings very hard for us to get out of the house!  Not only do I sometimes have to wake her up, she takes her time in the mornings and wants it her the “threenager” is coming out for sure.  She is slow to warm up to new situations but never worries or cries when we leave her in new places. She’s our cautious little one and takes everything in before leaping.  Then watch out.  We love our sweet pea.


I can’t believe this guy is just a few days shy of 7 months old. He’s sitting up for about 20 seconds at a time and he has fun practicing his balancing.  We are going to do baby led weaning with him like we did with Emery so he isn’t quite eating too many solids but we are getting there!  He’s enjoys trying avocado, banana, and anything else very soft.  He sleeps through the night like a champ and wakes up at 6:30 each morning ready to eat!  He has been going through a bit of a “hold me” stage where he just wants to be held and since he’s the best little snuggle bug we haven’t minded too much.  We think some teeth might be coming in soon but nothing yet.  When he looks at his sister he gets in these hilarious giggle fits and has the deepest old man laugh.  He’s still super laid back and goes with the flow.  Brennan is such a happy guy we are so lucky to call him ours!  2016-04-09_0003.jpg