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I was going to start this new blog off with a new baby because, well…that would just be kind of cute.  You know, new baby…new blog…new everything!  Instead, I decided to go  a step before new baby and post Megan’s maternity pictures that I just took.  I felt the need to get these up now.  Right now…because I think baby Amelia will be here this week.  More on that later.  I worked all day on my computer to make sure that I could post on my new blog.  I’m so excited about it!  Excited about Amelia and excited about my new blog.

We were going to take Megan’s pictures somewhere fun.  The original plan was to do it before the wedding.  When that didn’t work out for various reasons, I told Shawn that on the Saturday we got back from the honeymoon, we would go out somewhere special and take Megan and Chris’ pictures.  It would be somewhere fun and if we were lucky the snow would still be on the ground from our snow storm.  Then, we’d go eat dinner “on the hill” as Megan’s last hurrah.  I was craving good Italian food ever since…well forever.  Everyone in STL knows that’s where you go for good Italian food.  It would be perfect.  Unfortunately, Megan’s body had other plans.  Her blood pressure spiked and she was put on complete bed rest until she delivers.  There would be no “fun place” to take pictures…and no Italian food!

After hearing the news I wasn’t sure if Megan would still want to take maternity pictures.  She was all for it though and when I suggested a lot of black and whites she was saying, “Yes! A lot of black and white pictures.”  Done and done…I love how these turned out.  I seriously love them.  They are simple, raw, and totally different than what you usually see.  Of course most of them are while she is literally in bed, but those are doctors orders.  You gotta work with what you’ve got. I’m glad she decided to go for the pictures because she will always have them.  Side note: Megan did go out and get a pedicure and run up to school yesterday to do final adjustments to her plans.  I don’t blame her for doing either, especially the pedicure.  Every woman should have great toes before giving birth.  Megan, from this moment forward, stay in bed!

This is one of my favorites!  I seriously love it.  Don’t your eyes just go from her mouth to her belly?  Yes, I love.

My number one favorite!  She is literally glowing.

Megan is fine other than high blood pressure and she sees the doctor tomorrow for another check up.  The doctor is going to make a final decision on whether she delivers this week or on her planned date.  I think he is going to take her this week which will mean we will all see baby Amelia very shortly!  Megan looks fantastic, she says that the way the baby is positioned she would never drop and that’s why she doesn’t have stretch marks.  The baby is very breach right now and is completely in a weird position, which is why Megan’s belly isn’t really big.  I think she’s just lucky, it doesn’t matter what position that baby is in!  We are all very excited to see Amelia and you can stay tuned to this new blog for newborn pictures when she arrives!

Tomorrow I will post all about my new name, logo, and everything in between!  In case you are a reader from the old blog….this is my exciting news.  This blog, this logo…everything just fits! I am going to run with this.

I’m not Katie McCaw yet

I have a lot of behind the scene things to do around my new website and for my business before everything is official.

So until then, head over to and help me keep this blog a secret!

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