Lighting and Scarlett

Holy Moly…Scarlett hasn’t been featured on the new blog yet?  For those that don’t know… Scarlett makes blog appearances more than the average dog.  I take so many pictures of this poor dog.  She is my practice with everything photography related.  I try out lighting, color correction, settings, and everything else possible on her.   I can’t say Scarlett likes having her picture taken, but she puts up with it because I make her.  So when my new studio lighting came in on Friday and I called her over as soon as I set it up. I had to take her picture.  I was so excited to give it a try.  The shutter on my camera opened and closed and with the first click and flash, she gave me the, “what the heck is going on?” look. Generally, I’m a natural light photographer so this little pup hasn’t seen much of a flash in her whole life.

After I took a few pictures in the living room, I quickly set up a little background in the second bedroom where the lighting will mainly be used.  The following pictures are a result of her wondering why on earth the room would be flashing.  She was checking out the ceiling, looking at the floor, wondering what could possibly make the lighting change so quickly.  These lights were all new to her.  It was hilarious.

Once she figured out the flash was coming from the softbox, I had Shawn break out the lunch meat so she would cooperate a little.  After she had fresh meat in front of her, she paid no attention to me.

It was fun to play a little with my lighting but taking pictures of a dog is just not as fun as a real session with babies and kids.  Not to mention, the backdrop and flooring is not the final product so this was really just a “for fun” kind of thing!  Tomorrow I have a few more items being delivered to add to my home studio and then I’m sure Shawn and I will play a little more with everything.  I have a feeling there will be a “for fun” Katie and Shawn post coming later this week.

Maria and Nick | St. Louis Engagement Photographer | St. Charles, MO

The wedding inquiries are starting to add up here at Katie McCaw Photography and I couldn’t be any happier!  The couples I have booked  have been a perfect fit with me. Let me introduce Maria and Nick, one of my summer wedding couples!

Maria and I were in the same sorority in college so it makes everything relaxed and natural right off the bat. In fact, the first picture I took of them is also one of my favorites! Nick was a good sport, even when he got hit in the head with a heavy paper dispenser vending machine.  Maria was full of energy and smiles.  I was my normal photographer kind-of-self, getting excited about the small things.  We had a fun Sunday afternoon!  Maria and I haven’t really kept in contact since college but I’m so happy she found me so I could be a part of this.

I will just let the pictures do the talking.  The next three are some of my favorites…I love how they are so natural with each other and I just love the way Nick looks at Maria.

Maria and Nick have these awesome dogs they just love so much and wanted some portraits with.  These dogs love the snow, the one kept eating the snow and going crazy! If I were Maria and Nick, I would somehow put these three pictures together because they are just perfect in sequence.

Especially this one.It is such a privilege these two chose me as their photographer.  They are going to have a beautiful summer wedding and I cannot wait to be a part of such a special day.

Kasey and Ryan | St. Louis Engagement Photographer

Kasey is so sweet and after booking with her, we discovered a lot of common things between ourselves!  We both went to the same college, she is from a really small town in Missouri and grew up with my college roommates, and she bought her wedding dress where I did.  The other common thing?  Kasey and Ryan are getting married in Punta Cana (where Shawn and I had our honeymoon).  I was so excited to hear that is where they are doing their destination wedding.  The people in the Dominican are just so sweet and will do anything for anyone.  What a great place to relax before and after a wedding!

It was so good to meet Kasey and Ryan and I just loved getting out with my camera on such a mild winter day.  The weather has been super cold here in St. Louis, but for this photo shoot the weather was great!  I love how there was snow on the ground but they weren’t freezing.

Kasey and Ryan, have a wonderful time planning the rest of the wedding and enjoy every minute of your destination wedding. I am so glad we met!  If you are looking for a traveling photographer, you know where to find her! 😉

Adult Snow Day

Today Shawn had his first adult snow day.  In St. Louis we had pretty bad weather today so SLU, along with every other business shut down for the day. It was a really weird feeling around the condo this morning.  We were under a blizzard warning and we were predicted to get a foot of snow and ice.  I actually woke up around 5 in the morning because I thought we had already lost power because everything was so quiet.

Shawn’s first adult snow day off work did not disappoint.  We found a sled (really, we found it) and we were ready to be kids again.  We ventured up the neighborhood to the hill everyone goes sledding on.  It hurt to walk there.  At this point the only snow on the ground was snow from last week’s storm and we were walking through an ice storm.  The ice hitting our face felt like little pins.  Once we were there we had so much fun!  We brought the point and shoot and I just snapped a few pictures and recorded some of our adventures (you won’t find any fancy pictures here today).  My favorite part of the video is the very end because Shawn and I were both on the sled and I couldn’t get out my words because I thought it was so funny.

If your worried about the sled we found, we just borrowed it and took it back to where we found it (which was in the woods).  Hopefully the sled will still be there tomorrow…or at least we can make friends with the kid that owns it.  Guess what?  Tomorrow we are both off work again!

Snow Day from Katie Stasiak on Vimeo.

January Self Portrait

I have been working on so many behind the scene things for Katie McCaw Photography.  Thank goodness for Shawn, my personal businessman who has been doing a lot of paperwork and excel sheets.  I of course have been helping him but mostly doing the behind the scene crafty and fun stuff.   If you followed my old blog you know that I like to update and track my life too.  I don’t want to separate my business and my personal life because although there will be times to separate, the blog is where I share a little of everything.  I want people to “know” me before they hire me.

With that said, I took on a challenge for taking a picture every day for a year in 2011. Let’s just say that idea was not my best and I gave it up after about 13 days.  If I can’t take a meaningful picture why bother? So I stopped bothering.   I haven’t given up completely and I have been working extra hard at working on documenting my life.  I am keeping that promise.  Another thing I’m taking on with other photographers is a self portrait of myself once a month.  The purpose behind the photo a month thing is to document a little of my life from that month.  A year is such a long time even though it goes by so fast.  I love looking at pictures from a year ago and see how much things have changed.

So, here is January.  This was taken right after our wedding…Shawn and I checked into our hotel on our honeymoon and we were in heaven.  We went from cold January to warm January in a matter of a four hour plane ride.  It was the best thing ever to get way in January.  Everyone has been telling us that this has been the worst winter in years. People have told me they been sick nonstop, depressed, and dreading the cold.  In all honesty, we have not been sick (except for a cold on the honeymoon!), not been bummed out, and have been enjoying the snow storms (more on that in another post!).  We blame all of our good luck on our vacation, wedding, and all that vitamin D we soaked up on our trip.