April Picnic

We have really been enjoying the weather around here.  Being outside every day it is warm is a must for us.  In fact, I really want to cancel our gym membership because we never go when the weather is so nice.  Who needs a treadmill when you have trails in your backyard that go on forever?  Literally, forever…we have so many trails in Wildwood and every day we venture to a new one.  Today we decided to go for a little picnic.  Well, I decided…and told Shawn about my plan when he arrived home from work.  Of course he was all for it so we hopped in the car and found a little spot.

We soaked up all the wonderful parts of this gorgeous day and I even brought my camera along. <Insert my giddy excitement!> Shawn learned how to focus in on an object manually! (Yeah for Shawn, that’s kind of a big deal around here.)  Since he learned how to focus in on a specific object, there are a few pictures of me in this blog post as well.  I’m so happy we brought the camera along with us today… I want to remember the small stuff.

Jacqueline | St. Louis Children’s Photographer | Wildwood, MO

The night before this photo shoot I dreamt photography all night long.  I was looking forward to this because it was my first spring session and I was just plain anxious to get out in the nice weather to shoot.  This little girl is so cute and sweet that the session just flew.  While editing, the same phrase kept running through my head, “sugar spice and everything nice.”  She just reminds me of that little rhyme for some reason!  It was hard to believe it has been a whole year since my last photo shoot with Jacqueline and I was really happy to see her again.  I told her mom that her face looks the same but she grew a little taller and is now full of conversation.

I just love the whole black and white series of photographs because her expression is so different in every single one.  In some of the portraits she looks like she probably did when she was a baby.  In some of the other black and whites, Jacqueline looks so grown up and I can image what she will look like in a few years.  Ah, this little girl was so fun to shoot!

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

April Fools Day is my Grandma’s birthday!  What a fun day to celebrate a birthday!  If you know my family, you know that we are big.  There are tons of us…on both sides of my family actually!  To celebrate my grandma’s 92nd birthday we had a girls weekend at the lake.  While not everyone was able to make it, we had a really good time. We ate, drank, shopped, went on walks, and played over the hill bingo.  It was great to spend this time with the family celebrating grandma. The fact that it was the first warm weekend at the lake was a bonus!  We had a nice little picnic after a long day of shopping and then went to church on Saturday evening.  The priest announced it was my grandma’s birthday and she met a lot of friends on the way out.  Later that night we sat on the deck and enjoyed the calm lake and finished our night off with a hilarious game of bingo.  I think Grandma had a good birthday.

Now if we just would have won the lottery… 😉

Self Portrait Series | March

March blew by faster than my mind could really wrap around the whole idea that it wasn’t February anymore.  March felt a little like June and December all rolled into one.  I had Spring Break and for a whole week I had no plans.  It was wonderful.  I took Scarlett for endless long walks when the weather was in the 70s and 80s and we soaked up the sun.  A few days later we were hit with heavy snowstorms which totally put a damper on the whole “spring” thing.  While it was cold, I crafted a lot, enjoyed friends, and tried to save money.  I wish I could write more, but really, March flew by!

The dogs of Petfinder

We have had Scarlett for three years now and I am one of those people who always remember the day I got her as it rolls around each March.  Two years ago, on my old blog,  I wrote a post about how I came to get a small dog in the first place.  This year, I revised what I wrote and sent it on to the Petfinder website.  Well, “Petfinder” published Scarlett’s article!  The article lead me on to a search…

It started out as a simple search.

This search was nothing new to me.

I tend to search Petfinder more than I should trying to get people around me to adopt a dog.  My parents were my most emailed suspects, trying to get them to get a little fur ball was my second hobby.  When I sent them a link with a nine week old yellow lab puppy,  it seemed to be exactly what they were looking for.  My mom sent me an email that said, “I need a roof first” (my parents are still waiting on their house to be fixed since the storm damage!) and my dad sent me a few emails about the puppy…which is kind of how I knew the puppy was a keeper.  My dad normally ignores my petfinder emails….

Long story short, look who is the newest addition to the Stasiak family.  Our family has always been Yellow Lab fans so this guy really fits in.  Growing up we had two yellow labs and my parents think that he looks like a mixture between both of them.  The vet thinks his dad might have been a Great Pyrenees because he is so, so, so white!  I go back and forth, because sometimes he looks like he could be mixed with something other than lab and other times I think he looks all lab.  Either way, it doesn’t matter!  How can you not love a face like that?

He is still getting used to the leash.  Can’t you just see him saying, “I do not like that thing you tie around my neck!”?

This bottom picture was taken less than a minute after the snow pictures…

Not a fancy video at all…

Hoss’ First Day Home from Katie Stasiak on Vimeo.

Who wants me to search for them now?  😉