Emery’s First Month

Baby girl turned one month old last Thursday and I have officially joined those crazy mothers who tell others how fast life goes.  Seriously, this month has flown by and I just want time to stop.  There is nothing better in the world than being her mom.  She is an angel baby and we keep waiting for her to turn crabby but things just keep getting better.

Believe it or not, so far, we have been sleeping a lot at night.  Of course, at the beginning I was waking up every 4 hours to wake her up to nurse.  Now that is she a month old and has gained back her weight, we were told we could go through the night with one feeding.  She is pretty good about letting me know when she is hungry, I can hear her shuffling around in her bassinet.  I wake up and we do what we need to and we’re all back sleeping.  She really has put herself on her own little schedule which is pretty much a 3 hour eating time with a nap and activity in between.  When we first brought her home, we did have three bad nights.  By bad, I mean, terrible.  I’ll take three bad nights over all the good ones we are getting.  Hopefully Emery likes to sleep as much as we do.

I’ve been feeling pretty good as well.  Emery and I have been taking walks around the neighborhood and the trails around our house when the sun has been out.  That’s been good for us both!  When Emery was three weeks old we traveled down to the lake and stayed at my aunt’s house with some friends.  The girls went out for a night out to celebrate and surprise our principal for winning the Missouri principal of the year.  It felt weird leaving her but I wasn’t too nervous because she was with Shawn and he is an amazing dad!  I have learned that the secret to feeling so good is to get out and don’t let anything slow us down.  We have a kid now, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop having fun.  We have taken Emery all around town, I want her to experience everything with us!

I saw this monthly picture idea on one of my favorite blogs and I knew I was going to use it when I had my own baby.  Then, about a year later, Pinterest came out and I’m sure a lot of people saw the idea on there so it was no longer this great new idea!  It’s still SUPER cute though!

I have typed all of this and edited while Emery is sleeping on me.  Ah, these moments are amazing.  I love this little girl so much.  I can’t wait to see how much she changes this year…but time really needs to slow down.