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All Booked for 2012

This is one of the most difficult things for me to do every year! Each year I book up quicker than the last and for that, I am so happy.  Turning down so many potential clients breaks my heart to pieces but is something I have to do. Old habits are hard to break, but I […]

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Grandma and Grandpa

I feel like I just posted about the passing of my grandpa and now suddenly, we say goodbye to grandma.  Everything has been so similar to my grandpa’s passing and this whole thing has left both a comforting and uneasy feeling inside me and I’m sure everyone.  It was just so quick and I don’t think anyone can […]

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Updates on Baby McCaw

Lots of people are asking for updates on Baby McCaw!  I’m sorry, I have been beyond busy with so much (not photography related even!).  The number one question about my pregnancy is how I feel… well, I have been feeling great!  Friends are telling me I still don’t look pregnant.  I appreciate their honesty, but to tell […]

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