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Amelia | St. Louis Baby Photographer | Wildwood, MO

Most of you probably remember Amelia, right?  Look at her just one year ago!  Since then, she has been on the blog a few other times since this was shot!  Now, she is a full year old! Amelia!  How you have changed so much this past year…and oh how much you have stayed the same. […]

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Little Snippets | February 13th, 2012

These are the little moments!  The little moments where I get out the iphone and just remember to take a picture.  Life gets so busy I forget to take pictures! Things going on and in the above images: Getting called for Jury duty…this will be my third time!  I need to write a post about […]

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Kellie | St. Louis Senior Photographer | Marquette High School

I’m so excited to share with you…Kellie’s senior photographs!  Kellie is a 2012 High School Senior from Marquette.  She was another client who braved the cold and you can’t even tell!  I love, love, love my seniors and they all bring something new to the table.  Kellie is beautiful, sweet, and kind!  I just loved […]

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