Julia | Visitation Academy Class of 2015 | St. Louis High School Senior Photographer | West County Photographer

I love Julia and her bubbly personality!  She literally sparkles in all of her photographs.  My favorites are those of her laughing because they show exactly who this girl is!  Julia, you are smart, beautiful and so down to earth!  You are going places, Julia.:)





Jennifer Hoffman

These are fantastic. Thanks for the wonderful photo session, Katie!

Rebecca Delaney

What a great smile!

Christine LaBlaine DeHart

Oh Julia, you have grown up to be such a beautiful young lady! TeTe

Emery | 18 Months

I can’t believe our little girl is now 18 months..wow!  I think this jump was yet again bigger than the one before…and the one before that.  I’m just sure we will be in total shock in six months when her two year birthday jumps up on us!  Emery and I spent all summer together and we had so much fun! Over the past month or so, Emery is starting to get a little bit of toddler spunk!  She has her own ideas on how to do things and prefers to try things on her own terms.  She is still sweet as pie  and we get stopped frequently by people in stores and restaurants to tell us how well behaved Emery is.  We know that Emery’s favorite thing in the whole world are dogs. Walking her dog and trying to hold her dog at all times is her passion.  She loves to dance and sing and her latest trick is turning on her CD player to have favorite songs play.  She looks like her dad and she has a love for animals and music like her mom.  We love our sweet Emmy girl.

Emery-9Emery-18Emery-10Emery-12Emery-11Emery-17Emery-15Emery-16Emery-23Emery-13Emery-14Emery-21Emery-3Emery-5 Emery-19Emery-20


Here is a little behind the scenes picture…thank goodness for dads that help make their daughters laugh!  How long will it take for Shawn to see this?  ;)


Margie Stasiak

Aww, so cute, all of them! Love this sweet girly! ;)

Amy Rebecca

Love these all so much! She is so cute. I think one of my favorites is the b&w one of her holding the chair and looking down to the side!!! Baby model. Hope I get a chance to see her this weekend :)

Marty Stonebock

Each of these pictures is cuter than the one before. What a sweet little girl she is.

Norah | One Year Photoshoot | Katie McCaw Photography | West County, MO Photograher

Norah is one of my favorite Instagram littles to follow and I was SO excited to do her one-year photo shoot!  When her mom told me she wanted to book and that she wanted to incorporate some of her adorable ideas like the teepee….I think I jumped up and down!  Norah had a different face for every time I pressed the shutter.  This girl has  some serious personality.  LOVE this adorable little girl and her family!


John Kannapell

Beautiful! Very well done.

Sandy Bates

ADORABLE! What a little model! Great & happy family!

Morgan | Whitfield School | Class of 2015 High School Seniors | St. Louis area Senior Photographer

It is High School Senior time!  Morgan kick started the 2015 senior sessions and she was oh-so-fun to meet!  Morgan is experiencing an internship in Cape Cod over the summer and has already been super busy with traveling.  I was just blown away by this girl’s experiences and dreams.  Morgan has a jam packed summer and fall and I am thrilled she shared her limited time in St. Louis with me!  Thanks for a wonderful session, Morgan!  You are so very gorgeous inside and out!






Sprinklers and Summer

Does it get any better?


Margie Stasiak

LoVe these, helping dad, and her precious expressions! …and of course my sweet Scarlett steering clear of the water! ;)