Cole Family | St. Louis Family Photographer | Kirkwood, MO Photographer

Meet the Cole Family! They are all super busy these days and are now living all over the country.  Love this family and I am so glad we had a day where they were all together again and we could make this happen!

Margie Stasiak

LoVe these! Great pics of a beautiful family! 😉

Michael Wasem

Wow! Great pictures!

Marty Stonebock

How wonderful that Ruthie got to be part of the photo shoot. Love this family. Every single one of them.

Bernie Ward

So photogenic! Great family pictures

Denise Swindon

These are wonderful photos of a wonderful family!

Emery | Two and a Half | Personal

Our little sweet pea just turned “tewww” and a half.  Time is going by too quickly as all mommas say.  I had intentions of taking her somewhere and doing a little photo shoot but that has not happened yet. The opportunity (kind of) presented itself at my cousin’s beautiful wedding…so I called it good enough. We LOVE Emmy’s spunk, curly hair, dance moves and most of all her heart.  Which Emery LOVES to point to her chest and say, “Emmy heart”.  She is going to be the best little big sister!


Amy Rebecca


Sharon Morgan Moss

Beautiful little girl.

Michael | St. Louis Family Photographer | Eureka, MO

Michael is always one of my favorite sessions year after year! LOVE his bright blue eyes and his fun personality and how he brings both to his session each year!


Margie Stasiak

Great photos with a very handsome young man!