The First Snow Day of 2016!

From eating “ice” to drinking “toffee” we are enjoying our snow day of 2016…in our house! ¬†This is the first time we have had snow in our new backyard so Emery and I were just a little excited to play! We woke up to animal tracks and did some research to find that¬†squirrels and a fox were out last night. ¬†We learned that fox tracks have a straight line footprint. ¬†Emery¬†followed the tracks¬†from the backyard to our¬†neighbors patio. ¬†Not really surprising as we are a bit in the “country” as I say, but so fun that¬†little critters enjoy our yard as much as we do. ¬†Every single day Shawn and I say how much we appreciate our home. These little moments make it even more special.


Park Hoppers

I took 12 weeks off to be with both my kids for my maternity leave. This was such a special time for all of us. Each day we would do an activity because I would have to get out of the house to feel successful. Sometimes we would stay in bed until 10 and have breakfast late, lounge around and then head out. We never spent much money or did anything extravagant. We walked around a lot of stores, found all the free admissions in our town and if we ate out, it was usually a packed lunch at a new park.  I called us professional park hoppers. We would go to a new park at least once or twice a week and just play. I would walk with both the kids in the stroller and we would play all afternoon.  By afternoon we would come home just in time to nap (sometimes all of us!), make dinner and clean up a bit.  Most days the house was messy when Shawn came home but nobody seemed to mind. It was the most gorgeous and warm fall season so we fully took advantage of each day. It was the most perfect time ever to me and I am so glad I took every minute possible off to be with my babies.


3 Months | Brennan Monthly Pictures

So these are really Brennan’s 3 1/2 month pictures…I’m noticing a trend! Better late than never. ¬†So much has happened since Brennan turned three months! ¬†Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed him really changing. ¬†He’s starting to be much more alert, evening/night times after his sister go to bed is¬†usually when Brennan is ready to party. ¬†He has been cooing and giggling up a storm lately. Brennan enjoys tummy time and shows us how strong he is. ¬†He is working hard on rolling but still no luck with that. ¬†He loves the bath and splashing the water and usually sings us a song while he is bathing.

I went back to work when Brennan turned 12 weeks. ¬†I think it’s harder on me than it is on him but it’s working out just fine! ¬†He gets to go to the sitter with his sister and they both enjoy playing with their friends. ¬†I’m very lucky that our sitter is directly across the street from school. ¬†It makes it easier knowing they are right there if they need me. I’m finally going to say it…Brennan is a super easy going baby just like his sister. ¬†He’s content with whatever we are doing as long as he is fed. ¬†If he gets hungry? ¬†Watch out, he will let you know! ¬†He has been sleeping through the night and we officially took down his little bed right next to our bed. ¬†Brennan is happy as can be in his new crib….when I check on him he is usually all stretched out enjoying all his new space!


Eureka Flood 2015 | Personal

We have received many phone calls and text messages from friends and family all over. ¬†Our little town of Eureka made national¬†news for the historic flooding event of¬†the Meramec River. ¬†This is not something any town wants¬†to make the news about as it absolutely took away houses and invaded businesses. ¬†During the rising waters, my neighborhood became an actual “island” as all of the roads around us closed in with water. ¬†We were prepared and had plenty of food and bottled water in case our electricity and water was in jeopardy. ¬†Our house was under no threat as we are on a large hill. ¬†There were a few houses in trouble at the bottom of the hill as water was coming in their basements very fast. ¬†The Eureka fire department stationed a fire truck in the neighborhood in case anyone had an emergency and needed to get out. ¬†We were all safe here we just could not leave the neighborhood. ¬†Pictures do not do this flood justice unless you are up in the air looking over it.

The first set of pictures below were taken on the bridge on 109 and W the day before the crest.  The river was already very high and taking over land around it.  The picture of the house is one of the houses that actually got swept away and washed down stream.  It is absolutely heart breaking to think about the lives that this flood has impacted.

2015-12-31_0003On Wednesday¬†we woke up to flooding at the entrance¬†of our neighborhood. ¬†There was no access to any roads as every road was filled with water.2015-12-31_00042015-12-31_0005It’s just absolutely terrible thinking about all the homes and lives that were affected by this flood. ¬†I can’t stop thinking about the students from our school that live closer to the water. ¬†My heart breaks a million times over for them.¬† I don’t have any pictures of downtown as we have really been trapped in the neighborhood. We’ve been scrolling through images of the town though and it’s really just unreal. ¬†Right now we are just waiting for our roads¬†to open¬†so we can¬†help in any way that we can.