Go! Go! Photoshoot!

Our sweetie will be celebrating her second birthday on Valentine’s Day.  My mom called on Tuesday and said that she had something for Emery and asked for us to come over if we could.  Emery unwrapped her little tutu outfit from Glama and knew exactly how to twirl in it!  Emery then requested, “Go” and we played “Let it Go” on the phone for her as Emery sang and twirled, “Go! Go! Gooo!”.

Shawn and I took Emery to a field for a little Valentine’s Day photo shoot with her new outfit.  Of course we played her favorite song, “Let it Go”,  while we all danced and clapped.  Good thing the lens wasn’t turned on us! Emery Valentine-15Emery Valentine-17

Emery Valentine-18Emery Valentine-20Emery Valentine-19Emery Valentine-9Emery Valentine-8

Emery Valentine-2Emery Valentineemery valentineEmery Valentine-6Emery Valentine-5Emery Valentine-4emery valentine 2Emery ValentineEmery Valentine-3Emery Valentine-2

Park Hunting

We have really been enjoying this mild winter and we love to park hunt with our girl.  One of Emery’s favorite things to do is blow, “bubbas” so the other day Shawn grabbed the bubbles and I grabbed the camera!  emery parkemery park 3emery park 2

Ahlers Family | Extended Family Session | St. Louis Family Photographer | Wildwood, MO

This family was absolutely perfect and I felt the joy they all shared in one another from the moment I met them.   I bet you can feel the love from this family through your computer screen!  I love the story these photographs tell.

Ahlers Family-10Ahlers Family-9Untitled1

Ahlers Family-5Ahlers Family-4Untitledfamily2
Ahlers Family-14

Ahlers Family-13

Margie Stasiak

Great pics! Really captured the family theme…Nice! ;)

Cyndi Jefford Bormann

Awesome pictures!!

Julie Cotton

Wow. These are amazing. Beautiful people captured beautifully.

Melanie Wahl

Love your pictures.

Becky Cale Boggess

Great photos Ahlers! Miss you guys !

Kristi Kelly Bullock

Love them all!!!

Ben | Eureka High School | Class of 2015 | Eureka High School Senior Photographer

As soon as you meet Ben you can tell he’s an all around awesome high school senior.  Ben had me come out to his house on the most gorgeous of fall days.  They have an amazing barn with great colors as well as the most beautiful property.  This was one of my favorite sessions of the season as the colors were vibrant and the background was just plain gorgeous.


Ben’s dog followed us around the whole time, so of course, I had to take a picture of him too!

I know Ben will be totally ok with sharing his blog post with his sweet dog…ben-4

Erin Ahlers

Amazing work Katie… Absolutely in love with these photos!!

Sunday Snowday

It is snowing the most perfect snow right now…the kind that isn’t sticking to the roads but is making the trees and ground so beautiful.  There was one Thanksgiving where I remember it snowed but this is the earliest I ever remember it snowing here in St. Louis.

 Of course Emery was around last year in the loads of snow and ice we got but she never really enjoyed it.  Today she was exploring and having the best time outside.   She made her first snow angel and ate snow for the first time.

(A little warning to family and friends about her gloves. Yes, Emery is a St. Louis Cardinal fan like her momma.  Her Grandpa McCaw gave her the mittens for her birthday.  I don’t know what I did with her gloves from last year and we put the Cubs gloves on her so she wouldn’t freeze.  When we came inside, I ordered her some appropriate gloves. Lesson learned.  ;))

If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow!



Margie Stasiak

Sweet baby Emery! Love the pics! :)

Marty Stonebock

Sorry Katie, but we all know she has SOME hereditary Cub blood in her, therefore the mittens are totally acceptable. She’s adorable no matter what she wears.

Amy Rebecca

Too cute. Glad the gloves are cut out of some of the pics :)