Happy First Birthday, Emery!

Emery turned a big one-year-old  on February 14th.  She’s our little sweetheart and it’s so fitting she was born on Valentine’s day.  We love her so.

We ended up not throwing a big party this year.  I know it is tradition for one-year-olds but it just wasn’t making sense for us this year.  We were getting ready to list our home on the market and our condo just isn’t big enough to fit all of her family and friends.  At first I had mixed feelings about it and was worried about our decision but now I am SO happy we went with our gut feeling.  We partied all day long and did not really have to plan for a thing.  Emery even had two birthday dresses- so I that in itself is a successful day.;)

Shawn and I both took the day off work to just be with her and we celebrated!  We woke up and had breakfast and started with a “photo shoot” at home and then went to an adorable place for lunch.  They actually gave us the adorable back room that was all decked out in pink and vintage ( my favorite!) when they found out it was her birthday.  Later we ran to the grocery store to pick up some goodies and the cashier went to blow up a balloon for her when she found out it was her birthday.  I don’t have all the pictures uploaded yet (I’m SO behind on this!:()but we did have a little party for her- including her grandparents, her uncle Mike, Sam, and her parents and her best friend, Scarlett (her dog).  We went to my parent’s house and everyone spoiled her.  She was hilarious with her cake and chose to eat it mainly with her face and not her hands. I’m pretty confident she had an awesome first birthday.

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emerybday copy

(phone pictures)

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Emery1stbday-93 Emery1stbday-92Emery1stbday-99

I’m including this picture even though it’s out of focus and even though we look rough.  We are so blessed.  Happy first birthday, Emery!Emery1stbday-51

Margie Stasiak

So cute!!

Debbie Wright Alexander


Landry Kate | 6 Months

Little Landry Kate was so fun to photograph and is just oh so precious!  She’s cute as a button and enjoyed showing off by laughing and giggling in front of the camera.  Landry is sitting on a beautiful quilt her great grandmother made.  I just love quilts and I  especially love that we were able to incorporate the quilt into her six month pictures.  Although it was much too cold to head outside with Landry, it was so fun to kick start my spring photo sessions with her!  She’s a doll baby!



2014 Spring and Summer Sessions!

Spring and summer dates are finally here and will  fill quickly.  All sessions are first come first served and require a deposit and contract to reserve your spot.  If you are looking for a summer date, just contact me and we can put something on the calendar for June, July or August.  My schedule is much more open in summer so I do not list summer dates individually.  I want to thank everyone who emailed and called me about setting up times in the spring and summer!  I look forward to meeting many of you and photographing a few regulars as well!  I am SO excited for these sessions!!!

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Full sessions- Please see the tab labeled “pricing” for details on full sessions.

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May is ALS Awareness Month and I have chosen to have family minis in the month of May to raise awareness and help find a cure for ALS.  ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is 100% fatal, with no effective treatments to prolong or improve the quality of life.  A portion of these family mini sessions will benefit the ALS Association-St. Louis Regional Chapter to help find a cure.

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Emery | 11 Months

Actually, it is eleven months and three weeks, but who is counting anyway?  We have been SO busy around here- more to come about that in another post.  For now, the 11 month update!

Little Miss has been all over the place these days!  She’s crawling around with lighting speed and enjoys opening up drawers and emptying them.  She now has seven teeth and enjoys showing them off with her big happy grin.  Her hair is growing a little more each month. We are in the dead of winter and Emery has had a month full of illnesses.  First she got the stomach bug, then a terrible cold and now she is fighting a sinus infection.  We call her “Little Miss Rosy Cheeks” a lot as her cheeks have been super red this winter.  All of this is not keeping her down, as she is so active and still the happiest little thing!  She has met some new friends at the gym child center and the teachers tell me how independent she is and how she is happy doing her own thing and playing with others. It makes me happy knowing that I can leave her and she is enjoying herself!  We know that will probably not always be the case- so we are soaking it all in! Emery still hasn’t met a food she doesn’t like but does have her favorites!  Scarlett (our dog) makes Emery laugh daily and Emery has slowly been winning over her friendship.  Again this month, smiles are brought to you by Scarlett.  Shawn holds Scarlett above my head to get the laughs from Emery for her monthly pictures!

11 Months

Margie Stasiak

Emmy D is such a joy, and will enjoy seeing these posts as she grows up! Happy birthday sweet little Valentine! ;)

Emery | 10 Months

Emery is getting bigger and stronger each day.  Emery ‘s smile is getting so grown up.  Now she has three teeth up top and three teeth on the bottom with a couple more trying to poke through.  She is pulling herself up on everything and is now trying to surf the furniture.  When I say, “trying to surf” it’s because the girl does not like to do things wrong.  If Emery thinks she will fall she will just stand there and whine for us to help. It’s kind of funny, because we have no idea where the “perfectionist” personality came from.  For most kids you probably clap when they pull up on something.  For Emery?  We cheer her on when she falls by herself.  ”Yayyy, Emery!  You tried and you fell…all.by.yourself!”  Teaching her to be brave is a daily adventure!;)

I think this month Emery has started to change “looks”.  I can still see her as a baby but sometimes when she is just standing against something I can SO see her as a toddler.  We brought Emery’s little chair into the living room and she tries her best to get into the chair by herself with a magazine or a book.  It is to die for.  Her favorite toys this month are the TV remote, the laptop, and all the toys that her grandparents gave her for Christmas!


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