New Packaging and Flash Drives!

I am so excited that all of my sessions will now include an engraved flash drive with my logo.  I love how my branding all came together on this.  It makes each session just a little bit more special!


Brennan’s First Month | Personal

Here we are a month after our baby BOY arrived.  I had a feeling we were having a boy but I thought for SURE I was having a boy with Emery and was all wrong.  A month has passed already…and here we are with both a daughter and a son and it still doesn’t feel real.  Time goes faster when you are a mom, what they say is true.

Brennan enjoys eating and sleeping and is pretty content as long as he is doing one or the other.  He sleeps great during the night but he is like clockwork and will wake up right at that three hour mark to eat and then he is back down.  We have been very lucky so far but know he might be filled with some surprises for us here in the next few weeks.

Emery is just the best big sister and wants to help with the baby at all times.  When he cries, she finds his pacifier.  When it’s time for a diaper change, she chooses the diaper. The cutest thing Emery does is say, “it’s ok baby…shhhh.  No cry baby.  No cry”.  It reminds me of the Bob Marley song, “No Woman No Cry” every time she says it!

Here is a picture I took the week we came home from the hospital.  We also had our photographer friend come and take some other ones of him and some family pictures.  I am excited to get those hung up around our house!2015-10-16_0004.jpgAnd here Brennan is at one month old!  Oh boy how he has changed!  Don’t let those bright eyes fool you though, he still sleeps all the time.  It just so happened to be nap time for Emery and he was awake so I snagged a few.  You take what you can get with two kids!2015-10-16_0001.jpg

Just for fun I am including a link to his sister’s first month pictures.