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I never could stand milk or cheerios…add bananas?  It’s over.  I thought it was the three worst things in the world in one little bowl.  The smell?  Even worse!  Fast forward to having Emery and I now just can’t get enough of watching her eat this little breakfast concoction. I’ll take the smell just to see that milk mustache on her!


Lettie | West St. Louis Newborn Photographer | Family Photographer | Eureka, MO |

I’m so  excited to share with you this adorable little family!  Miss Lettie is only days old and I just love when I get newborns right away.  They are perfect and sleepy in every way!  This shoot was a lot of fun and little Miss Annabelle, the two-year-old, was all about her little sister and having fun!  I think we captured them in the moment as they are now, a perfect new family of four!


spezio-11spezio-12spezio-13Speziospezio 2spezio-6spezio-8spezio-15

Bob Wahl

Great photos Katie Stasiak McCaw!! You do such a great job.

Ger Kre

Very nice! Cute baby!

Baby Max | St. Louis Newborn Lifestyle Shoot | St. Louis, MO Photographer

Welcome baby Max!  Max fits in perfectly with Bridgette and Tony as he is just the most laid back little thing and super snuggly and adorable.  After all these newborn sessions I officially have baby fever!

Max 1bmax 2bMax



Karen Jim Davis

very sweet!!

Colleen Kickham Shaw


Nicki Manche

sooooo cute!

Kristina Rieman


Jennifer Nolan Schwentker

Such love!❤️

Colleen Kickham Shaw

I just love it when people that I know are great with kids have kids. It’s just a great feeling knowing what we sometimes see otherwise in our profession.

Jamie Swanguarim

Love !!!!!

Tina Robertson Clover-Slater

Love them

Toby Caffray Thomeczek


Dawn Williams Peery

He is so adorably cute!!! In some of those pics…it reminds me of Tony when he was a baby!! Cant wait to see him

Tammy Smith

Love the pics! I can see a lot of Tony in him at this stage, they are ever changing. Beautiful family. Much Joy & Happiness to all of you.

Baby Grayson | St. Louis Newborn Lifestyle Shoot | Ballwin, MO Photographer

Meet sweet Grayson!  14 days new in these pictures and bright eyed and ready to party.  Could he be any cuter?! Grayson-6graysonGrayson-7Grayson-2Grayson 1Grayson-3Grayson-4Grayson-5grayson 2


Brian Silvey

Great pictures!

Melanie Ball Wahl

Beautiful photos! He is so precious!

Sabrena Luster Olson

Beautiful family ! Your son is precious …

Melanie Wahl

Love them all, especially black and white family pic, adorable!

Kathleen Strauch

Cute family pictures. Love that you included Basil.

Ger Kre

Very nice!

Marty Stonebock

Great, great pictures! And boy, does Grayson look like his daddy in these photos!

Margie Stasiak

Darling pics of a beautiful family of (4) ! ;)

Bernie Ward

All the pictures are great. Katie captured the feeling of love.

Lauren Strauch

Soooo good!!!! I love each and every one of them!!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Another little one on the way!  We are super excited to share with the world that we are expecting our second little one in September.  I haven’t announced it on the blog because well…I’m just super far behind on doing that.  It’s been no secret how happy we have been.

With that said, my fall photography schedule is going to look much different than it has in the past.  I am booking in the summer and then taking off in September and early October.  I still have a few summer portrait sessions and with the mild summer temperatures that might be perfect if you’re looking for some color!  I should be able to fill my calendar with a few portrait sessions in late October and early November but my spots are going to be very limited.  If you’re interested in booking, let’s talk now and reserve your spot as I’m starting to fill up the calendar with fall sessions already.   I look forward to seeing my regular clients and meeting new faces!


Emery Big Sis blog

Erin Ahlers

So thrilled for,you and your family Katie! Many blessings headed your way! Can’t wait for you to take Andi’s senior portraits in a year… Will definitely be keeping in touch.

Missy Lowery Clay

Congratulations!! I bet little Emery is so excited:) I need to get with you on Senior Pics for my Shelby.. I can’t believe she is graduating next year!