Mike and Samantha | Engagement | St. Louis County Photographer

My brother and his beautiful fiance, Sam!Mike and Sam-3Mike and Sam-4Mike and Sam-13Mike and SamMike and Sam-2Mike and Sam-18

Mike and Sam-22Mike and Sam-5Mike and Sam-21Mike and Sam-9Mike and Sam-7Mike and Sam-26Mike and Sam-19Mike and Sam-24Mike and Sam-25Mike and Sam-12



Margie Stasiak

So cute! I love them all!

Bernie Ward

Cute couple and lively pictures

Mary Ann Gleason Segal

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! And Margie, you get another go as “Mother of the ____” – I’m green with envy!!!!

Breakfast | Personal

I never could stand milk or cheerios…add bananas?  It’s over.  I thought it was the three worst things in the world in one little bowl.  The smell?  Even worse!  Fast forward to having Emery and I now just can’t get enough of watching her eat this little breakfast concoction. I’ll take the smell just to see that milk mustache on her!


Lettie | West St. Louis Newborn Photographer | Family Photographer | Eureka, MO |

I’m so  excited to share with you this adorable little family!  Miss Lettie is only days old and I just love when I get newborns right away.  They are perfect and sleepy in every way!  This shoot was a lot of fun and little Miss Annabelle, the two-year-old, was all about her little sister and having fun!  I think we captured them in the moment as they are now, a perfect new family of four!


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Bob Wahl

Great photos Katie Stasiak McCaw!! You do such a great job.

Ger Kre

Very nice! Cute baby!